Privacy. The most coveted object in all the wish lists in the courtyard. Because no matter how fabulous your balcony is or how to invite your fireplaces, all the magic of summer comes to an abrupt halt when you feel like you’re on display. These 7-yard privacy ideas, embellished from easy to difficult, will help you separate your space and relax with a little more privacy. Read the gas string trimmers top list for your yard.

Image: Houzz

1. Create a pot screen

Difficulty level: easy

Who doesn’t love a container garden? Almost every type of plant can be grown in a pot and the pots are not permanent, so this is a great option for renters. Even a home forever can benefit from this design idea: potted plants are a breeze to add green to hard surfaces like balconies and patios. For maximum privacy, bamboo plant varieties, tall grasses, fruit trees or arborvitae (the most popular evergreen privacy tree out there).

Image: hooks and lattice

2. Install a fake barrier

Difficulty level: easy

No watering, no pruning and no waiting for the shape of the hedge – this is a fantastic option if you don’t mind paying a little more at the beginning. Cover panels are available in multiple sizes and can also be equipped with sound insulation to double the privacy factor.

Image: Hamptons Garden

3. Grow a hedge

Difficulty level: intermediate

Do you prefer the real deal? Installing a hedge in a natural way will require a little more effort, including choosing the right plant (How high will it grow?) What kind of light do you need? How often should it be watered and pruned?) And then plant it. Boxwood and privet are the classic choices for hedges, but flowering bushes like rhododendron or laurel can grow up to 8 feet.

Image: West Elm

4. Hang Drapes

Difficulty level: intermediate

Strategically positioned fabric strips add privacy and a breezy, coastal atmosphere. This is the cheapest option on our list, especially if you already have a patio or pergola. We have seen outdoor tents for sale, but you can also use cloths sprayed with a water resistant coating.

Image: Greenery NYC

5. Ascend the plants on a trellis

Difficulty level: intermediate

You will have to work diligently on the plants as they grow and crawl upwards, but you won’t have to wait for the plants to grow to have privacy – because the truss will do a good job blocking any view instantly.

Image: Deborah Silver

6. Grow a vertical garden

Difficulty level: intermediate

Two birds with one stone – fill your vertical garden with herbs and vegetables to gather the edible benefits for the whole season. Build your own or buy some ready-to-use tower planters.

Image: Studio Dwell

7. Put up a pergola

Difficulty level: advanced

Adding a pergola is definitely an investment, but there is no better way to build an outdoor living room. Complete the look with outdoor blinds and market lights to turn your not-so-secret garden into a private destination for the sparkling summer nights.

How do you plan to customize your patio this season?