To read very old posts, you had to scroll first through hundreds of more recent items. Find Old Post On Facebook Group Facebook Website. While that certainly is a valid reason for using this, at the Online Business Realm … If you shared and then deleted a funny or interesting post someone else created, try tracking down the original content. Simply search “posts by x” or “posts commented on by x” or “posts liked by x.” However, I don’t believe you will get ALL posts and comments. in order to find out every detail about their life. Easy, right? Sections of this page. Of course, many people (also known as Facebook stalkers) search people’s timelines looking for pictures, posts, dating history, etc. Open Facebook on the web browser and log in. Find the original post . Oh man, I remember Bryan posted a really funny dog video to my Facebook wall, like, last October, but now I can't find it. Facebook has taken quite a few steps to help you find people and certain posts, but actually sifting through your friends' post history has been tricky. Accessibility Help. With Haiku – Tells Facebook to find only those posts that have the word Haiku in them. In case you won’t find it at the top then there is an inbuilt search feature on the Facebook website as well as the app to search for specific posts. On the left side click "your posts" or "posts by others" 4. Here’s how. 3. With the timeline, however, you can search particular time periods for posts. Finding old Facebook posts just got a whole lot easier.. Facebook updated its search in a big way Monday that allows you to find your or your friends' posts from months or years past. Using this simple structure, you can search old Facebook posts, so long as you remember at least one of the words that you posted. 2. Click "view activity log" 3. You can use the years on the right to navigate for older posts Best, Blair To find your old posts on your Facebook profile: 1. You can search for posts in a Facebook group. If only there were some way to search through my old posts… You'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has a really easy way of allowing you to see all your old posts - even the ones you deleted. For example, if you wrote a note a year ago about a new product, you can quickly find the note so you can quote yourself in a follow-up post. Use Facebook's search function or try a Google search using keywords from the post's text or the title of the web page linked to in the original post. Facebook recently added a Manage Activity tool that allows users to view their past posts on the social network and delete them or archive them so … For now it's only available on mobile and Facebook Lite. Go to your profile 2. 1. For now it's only available on mobile and Facebook Lite. The search function is pretty powerful. Jump to. How are you supposed to find … And that’s just how to search Facebook posts … Go to the Group Timeline on which you wish to search the post. Facebook just rolled out the option to archive or delete old posts in bulk.

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