About Over Ley Lines

Over Ley Lines is a free FFXIV / Final Fantasy XIV overlay app management program created by two long time fans of FFXIV and the MMORPG genre. We know that when you put as much time as some do into a game like FFXIV it becomes more than a game, it's a hobby. Inspired by the add ons available to other MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, we set out to develop the tools necessary to create and customize new ways for in-game data to be displayed on screen.


Over Ley Line's mission is to provide top quality free FFXIV overlays that enhance your gameplay experience without ever doing the work for you. By reading the user end game log and memory cache, Over Ley Lines watches for the right time to display useful warnings and information while you play. Over Ley Lines is strictly for presenting the information already available to the player in a more useful and customized format and will never be used for or associate with botting, hacking or RMT.


We love MMORPGs, but none more than Final Fantasy XIV. Having played nearly every MMORPG of the past 20 years, including Final Fantasy XIV's initial 1.0 launch and subsequent 2.0 relaunch, we've accumulated a vast knowledge of the genre. We've come to expect a certain level of HUD customization to be available in the MMORPGs we play. Final Fantasy XIV sports an impressive array of HUD options, but at OverLeyLines.com we felt it was missing that personal touch other MMORPGs have offered in the past. While Over Ley Lines cannot change what is already within FFXIV's HUD, we can augment our user's experience with Final Fantasy XIV by overlaying the graphics, alerts, and timers that they desire.