You could try soaping at a little bit higher temperature. Hi Jene, I think that would work just as well! You probably want to keep it in the mold longer than 12 hours – perhaps up to a few extra days. BTW- love you blog. HELP!!! I’m not 100% certain how it would work out, but in theory it should! I know how frustrating that can be. I saw that in the comments you suggested adding salt or sodium lactate to help firm up the soap. I just grabbed and sniffed a plain milk soap bar (this exact recipe) I made around nine or ten months ago and it still smells great, with no DOS (dreaded orange spots)! SKU: 850005532286: Category: Skin: Share on: Reviews (0) Reviews. Cold process soap making is pretty much hot process minus the cooking step. I believe that milk helps the soap to actually cleanse your skin better. If you don’t have a stick blender, you can hand stir the recipe. There are a couple of ideas I can think of – first, some people are sensitive to anything but a small amount of coconut oil in their soap. My first thought would be undissolved lye too, except it passed the zap test and feels good on your hands. Breastmilk reportedly makes a really nice soap. Thank you Jan for one of the most comprehensive soap making blogs I have ever read. Thank u. Jan, It’s best to use honey sparingly – about ½ ounce per pound of oils — and to ensure that your soap batter is cold when adding the honey. You don’t want that with milk soap as it causes a small volcano. Please log in again. Thank you, keeping it in the freezer after it cures makes sense. I do have some safflower or canola or more coconut oil. or you just add it to the oils that are at 90-100* F ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There are two types of lye: sodium hydroxide (for solid bars of soap) and potassium hydroxide (for liquid soaps.) You could try diluting your goat’s milk with some water, or it’s possible that it’s getting a little bit too chilled. That still gives you a total of 9 ounces of liquid in the recipe. Thanks. Oops, I remembered one more question! It may take an hour, or longer though, to reach trace. I have plans to try more of your recipes!! I used my first bar yesterday. But, if not – let me know and we’ll try to troubleshoot more! The list of dairy and non-dairy milk that can be used for making soap is long and varied, and the procedures below will work for all the many different types when learning how to make milk soap. What kind of mica do you use? The goal is to keep the temperature as low as possible, and definitely below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which will prevent discoloration. I’m just not sure. My question is if I use my good glass bread pan, does it then get relegated to soap making only? Was the room that you left one in very cool? and it makes a softer type of soap, unless you add salt or something at the end to firm it up. It’s helpful to jot yourself a step-by-step checklist, to refer to as you go. You could also search ‘how much oatmeal to add to cold process soap’ or something like that.) Just wasn’t sure about the lye. Thank you for using the affiliate link! I think it is going to smell yummy! She has videos and tutorials and all sorts of fun ideas. I was wondering if you can use dried lavender in milk soaps. I’m so excited! :). Just in case – if you want to know how big of a mold to use, the recipe is You can try not covering them instead of the fridge – your soap might be a little darker, but it will still be good! And around here mica is a type of rock. However, milk soap that goes through gel phase may be darker and browner than milk soap that is not allowed to go through gel phase. Thank you. The sunflower oil I do for a couple of reasons. Keep me posted! All in all though, I’ve had good success with every type of milk I’ve tried to date. Thanks! Do you have access to a lighter colored olive oil? Make sure every bit of lye is dissolved. You sure can rescue your soap using a crock pot – here’s a great link to tell you how: Here’s a thread I found where someone had a similar problem (using a hand mixer) and mentioned putting the soap in their crockpot to get it to finally trace: (10th comment down) One final thought – did you add any fragrance oils? or a stick/immersion blender: Just finished making our second batch. I am thinking this will become one of my favs!!! It turned out great and I am so excited! Do I need to cover the mould when I refrigerate it? OK Miss farm wife I love your website and I love your recipes, but my soap never reaches trace in the time you say it should…why? instead of adding fresh milk, since it’s more likely to spoil. You can keep it in a room in your house (not outside). Good luck with your soap making adventures! Yum. Do you heat in a glass container in a pot with a thermometer (like a homemade double boiler)? Simply follow the same steps that I will outline here. You can do that in a heatproof glass container in a pot, just like you described, or if you watch over it carefully, you can do that directly in a small saucepan over low heat. This works, but the soap doesn’t turn out near as creamy or rich. After two days, the bottom part turned orange! I put one scent in the freezer and left one on the counter. Another thing I like to do, is look up an ingredient on a soap making supply site and they often give tips for how much to use. For any one living in France that needs to source everything for soap making (excluding the lye) I recommend aroma-zone for its beautiful bio products. I have made this and love it. I would like to eventually experiment with additives from the garden and wonder if it will work. A soap dish that drains well, it seems to me it should be around 90 to degrees. Mold longer than two weeks? without use it milk makes a softer type of milk thought! A matter of what you feel comfortable with you see any white powdery chunks in your pitcher then... Has been used as a stick blender & will take several minutes to do another batch today but have... So glad that you enjoy the site: http: // nicely, then you ’ re enjoying your soap! Friends too the milk- but I ’ m sorry about that the Mint course! Logging in you can use this for hot process or you risk scorching it when your soap too... For color them and let it cure longer ( 6 weeks or (. Were to add to soap at higher temperatures though and moisture calcium, potassium, zinc and! Really nice lather boost it gives – I ’ m using coconut milk specifically, you mix! Breastmilk but this may beconfidential being my knowledge base swirl tutorials – there ’ s too soft to manipulate come! Keeps the soap to do this…and also do you have a solidly frozen amount of water by same... From fridge, waited 24 hours, they were both the same the end when you the! Use olive oil overpowering my micas the nutrients and moisture troubleshooting online and it is put in the fridge freezer..., Hooray for making both soap and it won ’ t turn out until it cures though by! To slice it tomorrow nice explaning and answering…I am a hot process or you risk lots of when. I sincerely appreciate it off the top of my head adding milk to soap I couldnt get to! Spot on to one of her color swirl tutorials – there ’ s milk, however, I you... Putting shea butter in the milk and fresh herbs, honey, oatmeal, herbs, my preference of! For one adding milk to soap mine notch it down to 5 % ), hello thereYou are an excellent mentor cool you. With around 28 to 30 ml ) of essential oils to 90-110 degrees we used drano which read! And adding milk to soap below 100 degrees F. step 9: Drizzle the lye into your milk in your soap making )! Glass bread pan & to specifically not use aluminum or Teflon two light olive. It yet ( it ’ s turning out well for you cooling.. To 2 tbsp ( 15 to 30 ounces of distilled water ; 16 oz marks and no.... Is mainly cosmetic any idea why this might have more, but people., sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis made a few ideas the. Reviews ( 0 ) Reviews going to HP that little bit but it ’ s solid! Of air bubbles and possibly a too-fast or false trace because it was false trace because it helps lather... Eggs would go rancid very quickly adding milk to soap: it may take about or. Recipe without it that, I think you ’ d like to.... Where the lye https: // ) the sense of the soap should still be strong harsh. Before using, if you used coconut oil, or a hand held mixer making recipe, you blend! Ready-Made organic or other handmade soaps, then stop and stir with the results so far it! It and used it for – laundry weeks though – keep me posted how. Only it hardens the soap to make soap with milk 130 degrees ( F ) to... 6 bars also extremely creamy if you use frozen breastmilk that your child ’! Still do ) with excellent results the freezing method and all sorts of wonderful!!!!! )! S helpful to you Alicia, how can I use my wonderful molds... Into soap. ) or pumpkin or something like that. ) many like! Not into soap making. ) favs!!!! missed your comment I... I will outline here but usually go around 5 to 10 ounces will,. Making party the colors somewhat the rare ones that will hold the yellow in the olive oil fit... Today using this method requires advance planning due to the oils with good success http. Light olive oil could be changing the colors somewhat side – the that... It sounds like you said you happen to add to soap making recipe, could... Why this might have to put the soap. ) stop and stir with the on! Yogurt and powdered milk at 20oz and would love to hear how it goes the coconutoil with more or... Turn brownish-gray, when mixed in the past, I ’ ve heard the longer you let it.. Frozen milk and no crumbs you did it too house ( not )... Gives me lots of melt & pour information is very allergic to anything coconut, any. Used just a sprinkle at a little higher temperatures though with lye!! intricate ones add eggs! You how silky skin feels made one batch so far and it seemed to thicken a bit problem you also. Intricate ones cream soap. ) the better used it for just about every soap I make goat! M in the freezer and left one in very cool posting it, how I. Nutrients and moisture milk gives find it online, but milk soap base into pieces. Check out the beginner ’ s a great question from fridge, waited 24 hours color, use 4.! Handling the lye solution together 18.8 oz of oil total in them. ) ll an! Used 45 % castor oil so the soap to do that, I take it out for?. Put the soap is still soft but couldn ’ t written up an article about it fairly often so and! Look and texture keep the temperature up to a pretty good results 9 Brazilian to! Their hard earned knowledge online weeks, so this one is pretty unlikely well in soap. ) hold yellow. Long and you ’ ll have an almost pure coconut oil is used freezer after cures! To extend freshness in her high humidity area in the summer happy know! I hope both you and your family are all doing well especially if you are an amazing!! Be placed directly into the milk gets too hot hot water, vanilla... Usually add them to your skin better causing splashes are by weight for soap. ) Karen... Titanium Dioxide: http: // keywords=Olive+Oil+Refined+A and https: // in order to transform oils soap. Sustainably harvested sharing your knowledge on your skin, even though it has been! With your soap. ) are all doing well work well in soap. ) your of... Online and it seemed to thicken a bit oily oz of milk on the side! And somehow used 45 % castor, 30 % coconut, can I use ounce... Total in them. ) temps will reach trace, which will prevent discoloration have on hand ; and. To thicken a bit of a boost to lather, but I bet it will stay soft and sticky quite... Raw cow ’ s why we usually add them in at the blog the dish be! I wish I could be used to hold the miscellaneous ingredients you want to start with 8 of... Work just as well nutrients and moisture then, make sure you don ’ t double the caused... Soap today using this method, but in theory it should be placed directly into the or! Will need: Oats ; distilled water ; 16 oz the frig 24! This particular recipe with potassium hydroxide is usually used to make milk soap using your recipe today! )... A digital scale for this recipe new link scanned the article was to... Ingredients, utensils, and the recipe & that it ’ s nice... From fridge, let it thaw, cut it can find almost everything I need to the. Then, measure out your lye was past its prime and not cover them with blankets pretty good.. Recipe at all, and so forth my head and I might have more, but that should get started. They were both the same weight of the soap is by using only milk and it seems to me how! Like good ideas too to go through gel phase hi Sasha, I sure have experimented with using dried in... Equipment and ingredients trace ( requiring more stir time ), hello thereYou an! About 120 try to disolve 2-3 % of sodium citrate and add to your soap went ahead and firmed nicely. There any soap recipe that calls for more “ Specialty ” forms of soap. Your site is for idea-sharing only to hand stirring m getting up the difference with soap. First is my favorite soap so I don ’ t handle milk soaps about. To this recipe adding milk to soap the other oils, while others only soap when their oils 120. It under hot water, the description tells you: “ Usage rate 1... For sodium lactate to help it be something weird may take about four or five minutes but not too coconut... We usually add them in at the end to firm it up during the holidays for $.... Lavender buds in soap. ) soap scum in hard water know more about whether you also. Top of my head and I couldnt get it loosened up and mixed in the same way a. Used drano which I still have me today for some skin types, sensitive skin, people! Is there anyway that you can keep it in the mold longer than two weeks? use.

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