Some audio management software, like Nahimic 2, Sonic studio sound, or motherboard audio software like Realtech HD Audio Manager, or Sound Blaster Recon, are known to cause issues. Desktop Audio to Discord. It’s just me . (Dunno why.) Discord is a very capable communications app; it supports every communication tool that you can find on other popular apps like Skype and Microsoft Teams. As Discord is now sending its output to the VAIO aux device, that will be picked up by OBS and therefore won’t be streamed. Enough has been written about the former in this thread: Voicemeeter Banana, et al. If you are unable to capture your desktop audio, try the solutions below: Make sure the audio source is not muted in the mixer on Streamlabs OBS. Live streaming tools and software for content creators. I have an El Gato HD60 Pro. Cant find … I have included my log file, as I was not sure if it would help or not. So im trying to add a specific audio source to streamlabs OBS. I’ve been asking on like 30 different post . I WAS NOT using any other programs other than Discord and OBS to achieve this, and I do not want to use a secondary program now. My game audio was also being picked up by OBS, and that audio plays on my speakers. First use of the program the audio was fine. But there are a few things we cannot do. Streamlabs OBS, merch, alerts, charity, chatbot and more | 227,799 members Okay, so I just installed OBS. Streamed audio perfectly. There's the "inexpensive and more involved" solution, and then there's the "expensive but easy" solution. If discords too low, and i boost it with like 5db everything else is also boosted (Spotify and the game for example.). Discord works with whichever audio output device is connected to your system. Now the audio doubles. So let us take a look at the different sources we may have available: Good Voice-Communication (Teamspeak, Skype, etc. And mine . Its fortunately quite easy to exclude an Audio source from your stream or recording. And I’m going to fucking snap soon. You will no longer hear Discord audio in your headphones. So apps like discord and spotify got each track for indepentent audio control. Problem is, I cannot remember how I achieved this. Finally, let’s say you want to send your desktop audio to Discord. It has channels like Slack to keep conversations organized by topic and it has audio and video calling. You can do this by sending virtual input one to B2, which is the source that Discord is monitoring. I think adding a audio widget or something like an input for an application would be awesome, so we can adjust volumes without a mixer for people that run elgato through desktop like me. Change the Discord audio preference to output to iShowU Audio Capture. 2 years ago. There’s literally zero reason my audio should sound like it dose , I have friends that stream and discord audio is perrrrrfectly fine . Opened the program back up to stream a second time and the audio settings changed. A way to add discord or voice chat (any program) to audio through slobs.

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