Bathroom Tiles: an element of style

The bathroom tiles are the first and main element that characterizes the style of the environment. It is starting from the choice of tiles that you will choose the finish and the lines of the furniture. If you need some American standard toilet, check reviews.

The most widely used coating is ceramic, both for its resistance and ease of cleaning and for the wide choice of shapes, decorations and colors. There are many sizes of tiles on the market, completed with decorative inserts, strips and special pieces (which generally cost more than the “normal” ones).

Once the type of material has been established, all that is left to do is decide on the style: do you want modern or classic? Romantic and retro or minimalist? We propose three different solutions of coatings. Two for a modern and trendy bathroom, one with a predominance of dark tones and cold colors, one focused on neutral and warmer tones, even with a sober and essential atmosphere. The last option is for a more classic and romantic bathroom, with a retro taste.

Solution 1) Modern bathroom with predominance of dark colors

In modern style, the room has different wall and floor coverings in terms of size, but unified by the pleasant effect of uniformity obtained with the predominance of dark anthracite gray. To visually lighten the room and give it more light, one wall is covered in light grey, with large rectangular tiles. The rigor of the two colors is attenuated by the tone-on-tone floral design that breaks the monochrome and enhances the wall with sink and cabinet. In the shower area, which has smaller dimensions, tiles with mosaic design are more suitable, making the cuts less visible.

Solution 2) Modern bathroom played on neutral colors and natural tones

In this case the whole bathroom has neutral tones, which are particularly suitable when the room is small because the greater brightness also creates a visual effect of more space. For the walls, the tiles chosen in shades of beige have a central striped striped pattern; they match well with wooden or brown and black lacquered furniture and accessories. On the floor, tiles in everything similar to the aesthetics of parquet. For the shower cubicle, on the other hand, the wall tiles are mosaic-effect with rectangular tiles that alternate polished and nonglossy surfaces.

Solution 3) Classic-country bathroom, romantic and retro taste

A sort of boiserie in a pastel blue shade dominates the romantic bathroom, for which the panelling effect was chosen. The rest of the room is in neutral and light tones that emphasize the light. The tiles harmonize with the retro style, revisited in a modern key of sanitary ware and furnishings, and give the room the elegant patina of the past. The chromatic division in the middle of the wall is delimited by a border while on the ground there are skirting elements in the same shade of color.