What are the characteristics that an ideal children’s bedroom should have?

When furnishing a home, it is necessary to keep in mind that the bedroom is an environment destined to evolve, both in the case where you have a newborn child, and whether your children are a little older or adolescents.

Let’s find out what are the furnishing ideas based on the different needs of a family and, above all, which are the most suitable solutions to optimize the available space, since more and more often people live in apartments of just a few square meters.

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What should be in baby rooms

Let’s start with the advice addressed to couples who are about to have a baby and need to prepare the bedroom for their newborn: the first step is to make a list of the accessories and furnishings essential for the newborn: everything must be in handy, of course!

There must be a baby room:

  • the changing table
  • the cradle
  • a small point of light
  • a soft carpet
  • an armchair or sofa for breastfeeding
  • the dresser
  • a box for games

There are pieces of furniture that enclose a cradle, a sieve and a changing table in just 150 × 80 cm, in case the size of the room does not allow for more.

As for the choice of colors, it is advisable to discard those that are too strong and to favor the tenuous ones that can conciliate sleep. Furthermore, in the first period, the baby’s bedroom will more or less be a support for diaper change and only then will the baby sleep there, as soon as he starts to have a regular sleep.

Times can vary a lot, so parents will be the ones to assess when it’s time to put the baby to sleep in his or her bedroom.

For the bed there are those with gates and adjustable bed length available on the market, so as to adapt them to the growth of the child.

About the chest of drawers it must be said that the child’s clothes take up little space, once folded, so a small piece of furniture is enough, but it is preferable if the chest of drawers is high, narrow and long.

The poltron a is an element that should not be underestimated in a bedroom, in particular when it is necessary to breastfeed the child or if at night he cannot sleep and must be moved from the cot.

The decorations of the bedroom are a touch of originality and, if you opt for the stickers, you might decide to change them over time to accompany the growth of the child with patterns and colors that he likes.

As for wall decals, you may prefer those that incorporate elements of nature, such as flowers, lawns, mountains, or little angels, especially if the child is very small. Growing up, you could vary the choice of stickers ranging from fairytale characters to those of the child’s favorite cartoons, so as to make the room even more welcoming, where the child always feels at ease.

Bridge bedrooms for children

The bridge solutions for the bedrooms are a great idea for small houses, because they allow you to occupy the highest part of the room with wardrobes and shelves, leaving the underlying part free for one or more beds. For this reason the bridge bedroom is an ideal choice if you have two children but only one room available.

How to organize the available square meters of the bedroom for bridging solutions? The main alternatives are two:

  • the corner bridge, suitable for very small bedrooms, allows the corner to be used to insert a wardrobe or another piece of furniture;
  • the linear structure, in the case where the bridge bedroom can develop on a single wall.

The shelves and dividing elements help to organize the wardrobe better, however you can also opt for a solution without defined spaces, in the event that it is possible to use the bedroom also for storing other objects, such as toys and books.

The preferred finishes for these bedrooms are lacquers and laminates. In the case of lacquers, it may be appropriate to use them for a door that is placed at the top, in order to prevent it from being ruined by children playing; this type of finish allows you to choose from a wide palette of colors to furnish your bedroom with creativity and liveliness.

The bunk beds are another convenient solution for little brothers, because they leave more room for play and allow you to maintain a neat appearance of the room.

There are also effective solutions such as sliding castles, mezzanines and corner cabinets, to enhance the size of the bedroom and leave sufficient freedom of movement for children.

If instead the need is to furnish a bedroom for a child, the suggestion is to use light and sweet shades of color, choosing pink shades and shades of white; the refined finishes contribute to creating a refined and welcoming bedroom, even in a modern style like the one in the photo, with design furniture suitable to accompany the growth of a young girl.

The bedrooms for a boy or a teenage boy should have bright colors and slightly darker colors (but not too much) like green and blue; if, on the other hand, the bedroom is for slightly older children (teenagers, to understand each other), it is possible to combine stronger colors such as gray, brown and blue that match well if dosed with accuracy.

The important thing is, in any case, that there is light, air and space to move and play even in small rooms. Pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture to let in light and ensure that the room is properly lit, especially the desk.

Finally, the fabrics should be removable and washable, to facilitate cleaning and easily eliminate the inevitable stains.

The furnishing possibilities of a bedroom are really ample: certainly it is an environment not easy to furnish compared to the rest of the house, also because it can be the most subject to changes over time.

Therefore, with the help of space-saving furniture, an accurate arrangement of all the furnishing elements and a great attention to the brightness of the bedroom, it is possible to make this room the most original of the house, without giving up comfort.