For more information on long-term subscription options, or to purchase a pass, click here. All steps needed to pick up or return a Vélib’ are carried out from the box integrated into the handlebars. In 2007, the mayor launched a municipal bike hire scheme – Vélib. This is confirmed by the symbol, 6. Live and Invest Overseas 2,269 views. There is a great way to move around Paris as a complement to Metro or BUS. Once you’re ready to get on the road again, check out a brand new bike! PARYŻ oczami Polaka - Gdzie i za ile cz.1 - Duration: 12:49. Regular Bikes: first 30 minutes free, €1/30 minutes after that Local call rates apply 2:24. Insert your Vélib’ into the docking station, 4. FLX has been hard at work developing a completely new range of awesome eBikes! Our Velib bikes were the best deal of our entire vacation in Paris Tips for Using Velib Finding a Velib Bike. In 2007, the first Parisian bike-sharing program hit the streets, revolutionizing how thousands of people get around the city every day. Please note: if the symbol below appears, your Vélib’ is incorrectly docked. You should hear a double beep and see a green light to make sure the bike has been locked in. During my last lucky period of living in Paris, getting around on a Vélib became my favourite pastime. Now you can see the sights while enjoying fresh air and commuting like a true Parisian! The idea is to use velib for short trips. by DanielaLast Updated: September 17th, 2020 | Published: November 13th, 2016. Easy! The city has installed lots of bike lanes in anticipation, although pedestrians (and dogs) make such frequent use of them that bicyclists usually have a bit of tricky maneuvering to do. 2. Launched on 15 July 2007, the system encompassed around 14,500 bicycles and 1,230 bicycle stations, located across Paris and in some surrounding municipalities, with an average daily ridership of 85,811 in 2011. You will be asked to accept a 150€ deposit in case the bike is not returned. (Image Credits: Paris Perfect and Martin Morrell. For a small daily or weekly fee, you can ride for 30 minutes free of charge, but after 30 minutes you’ll have to pay a small fee to encourage you to return the bike to a local docking station for someone else to use. Paris has a great bike share program called Velib, which offers standard and electric bike options. Input the number of the bicycle you wish to borrow. About Velib’ The city of Paris has been running a self-service bike sharing system since July 2006. they are everywhere! The first step is always to activate the Vélib’ box by pressing the "V" key on the keypad. So after 30 minutes, you get to a station, lock your bike, and you are done! Horseradished 15,206 views. How to use Velib bikes in Paris - Duration: 2:24. Transform Your Home Into a Bohemian Parisian Escape. Where to Stay in Paris - A Neighborhood Guide to Paris Arrondissements. How can I use the Velib, as a tourist? The regular Navigo can have spending value loaded for Velib. That way you don’t lose excitement at the sight of an empty bike rack, or find at the end of your journey that you need to keep riding because you can’t find a spot to dock in. Paris Perfect © 2021 Registered Trademark. HOW TO USE THE VÉLIB’ SYSTEM. So anyone from outside of Europe may not use the system. It’s not common, but you can still come across a bicycle with a broken chain or even without a seat. Paris Blog > Parisian Living How to Rent a Bike in Paris Using Velib’! Tags: bicycle, bike, getting around, rental, transportation, velib. Your card must have a chip and pin in order to work. 1 Bike: €300 We recommend downloading the official Velib’ app ahead of time. The name Vélib' is a portmanteau of the French words vélo ("bicycle") and liberté ("freedom"). Once you’ve signed up for your 1 day or 7 day Velib pass you can find a Velib station on the app. Electric Bikes: €1/first 30 minutes, €2/30 minutes after that, 7-Day Pass:  €15 on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 at 4:40 pm in Parisian Living. Electric Bikes: €1/first 30 minutes, €2/30 minutes after that. Horseradished 16,003 views. Stay up-to-date with our latest news, blogs and specials by signing up for the Perfect Experiences newsletter. 3. Read below to learn how to borrow a Velib’. For short visits to the city, you can either purchase a one-day pass for 1.70€, or a seven-day pass for 8€. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Since 2007, self-service bikes – called Velib – are beeing available all over Paris. The Velib Paris app will show you exactly how many bikes are available at each Velib station. Pull the anti-theft cable out of the end of the right handle, 7. Vélib in Paris. There are hundreds of Velib stations all over Paris and the stations are around every 300 meters so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one near you. Create a 4-digit pin. © 2021 Smovengo / Syndicat Autolib' Vélib’ Métropole Here’s my quick guide to the velib’. If you have any questions about the Velib Paris bicycle rental system, please feel free to reach out! The Velib’, a combination of the words Vélo and Liberté meaning “bike freedom,” sought to reduce the number of cars and encourage people to enjoy the beauty of Paris by bike. The service is easy to use and very affordable. Your email address will not be published. You can comment below or find me on Facebook or Instagram. Reply You might end up, like I did, using the map function to know where you’re going. Put simply, the Velib is a bike hire service. The 69 Bus – See All the Top Sights in Paris! The public city bikes or velib’ are an essential part of Parisian life, and they are so easy to use for visitors as well. It's become an immensely popular way to get around Paris, both by locals and tourists, and has arguably turned the city into a much more bike-friendly place. Use the cycle lanes and discover Paris through a new way… Velib map (note the deposit price…this is for your entire rental time, not for each bike you take out). PatrickLondon: We never held on to the Velibs for more than 3 hours, and when you return the Velib, there is NO receipt, when you are using the Navigo pass, that I know of. If you’re brave enough to face Parisian traffic head on, you might just find that it’s the quickest method of moving around the city. People-watching on a bike is just as fun as during a stroll. They will usually be full of blue and green bikes. Once you are done with the bicycle, find any Velib’ station with an open spot (use the app!). Hold* Classic story of being told that my bike hasn't been return properly (while i made sure i plugged it correctly because i actually read the reviews saying to be careful with that!) Paris really is a fun city to bike around. Make a note of the number on the bike stand. There are plenty of options for getting around Paris, but I always recommend biking at least once in the city, just to have the experience! Walk up to any Velib’ Station and follow the steps on the screen, which are as follows: Click 1 to buy a ticket. Select ” Pass 1 & 7 days” at the bottom by the Euro (€) Sign. *Velib will put a hold on your card, just like a rental car company, that will be released once your ride is over. Once you pay, you’ll receive your ACCESS CODE and PIN numbers. You will be asked to accept a 150€ deposit in case the bike is not returned. So if you rent a bike for two hours, you will pay a total of 7€ in addition to your subscription fee. 2. HAWFUL DON'T USE VELIB. Contact the Ombudsman. Many improvements have been made to the Paris bike share program, known as Velib, in the last few years, including the addition of new electric bikes. Now go back, click the unlock button on the stand and the bike is yours! Your hold will be $600 for more than one bike). taking a bike in a full station using Park + : gaining 3 Minutes Bonus; bringing a bike back to an empty station: gaining 3 Minutes Bonus; by combining the 2 actions described above: gain of 10 Minutes Bonus. It’s not a big deal and releases quickly, just make sure you have room on your card and are aware of this. To use Vélib’, you need to have a bank card that is compatible with the Vélib’ system. Police are always on the road, reminding the bikers to be careful and to stay safe. You can rent up to 5 at a time on one account. The Paris transport system isn’t for everyone. Rest your Vélib’ on its stand near to a bicycle rack: 2. and now receiving a huuuuge unfair bill that they are able to take away because i had to give my banking infos. Wired named Paris one of the 20 most bike-friendly cities on the planet, after all. Every Vélib' Métropole station has a pedestal with a multilingual screen and keyboard for transactions, but you can use a free phone app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store if … First, do download the very useful Velib app from the app store. 2. Velib bikes in Paris. This is to prevent theft or damage to bikes. Like the “Boris Bikes” in London, once signed up, you can take a bicycle from any Velib Station in Paris, cycle it to any other station in the city, deposit the bike and stroll away! Select the number of bikes. When it’s sunny, cycling in Paris could be great. You will pay a small flat fee for as many trips as you want throughout the day or week. Talking Chic Interiors and Paris Real Estate Remodels with Designer, Ann Huff, Top 10 Songs about Paris to Add to your Playlist, The Glorious Chickens of Bresse and How to Cook Them, How to Order at a French Bakery like a Local: A Guide to Paris’ Pastries and Bread, Peruse previous editions of our newsletters. Madelyn Discovers an Amazing New Cheese Shop! This will help you to locate and return Velib bikes, as long as you allow it to use your location. Look for green lights on the docks and avoid any backwards seats — it has become common courtesy to turn the seats around if there is anything wrong with a bike. How to use Velib bikes in Paris - Duration: 2:24. Here’s a little trick many Parisians use: plan your day around the ubiquitous Velib’ stations so that you can get from place to place within that first half hour, returning your bike to a new station before 30 minutes elapses.

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