Francesca is the owner of a kitchen a little dated, soft colors, classic style and little light. And in the kitchen light is indispensable. The potential of the environment is considerable. In fact, the kitchen faces through a French window onto a garden full of color and cared for. But, unfortunately, without direct access to the porch (which must be reached via the sidewalk perimeter of the house.)

How to enhance the environment and space? How to give light?

Francesca asked the interior designer Loredana Gazzola for help, who studied a solution to transform the environment into a modern and super bright space. How? How to Choose a Bidet for a Small Bathroom?

First of all Loredana listened to her client. She understood her needs and then studied a solution. In doing so, she acted structurally and functionally. That’s why he created an extra window in the kitchen to light up the hob and sink. Then he connected the porch to the kitchen through a high window to give more space to the environment. At the same time, it completely changed the aesthetics of the kitchen. The way to yellow and classic furniture to give life to a modern kitchen, with bright and elegant colors and finishes.

 This has allowed to expand the size of the kitchen as they have been fully exploited all the spaces thanks to a custom-made furniture sky and earth and also give a new look to the environment.

Ideas for optimising kitchen space

One more window in the kitchen: light and space increase

Here are some questions addressed directly to the interior Loredana to better understand the reason for some stylistic and functional choices:

 Did it take masonry work to replace the high window French window door?

Yes. Masonry work was carried out both for the transformation of the existing French window into another window, and for the opening of the large window towards the portico. The work, including the assembly of the windows, took about ten days. The type of intervention required the presentation of a municipal permit.

Renewal of the look of the kitchen, what inspired you for the shades and style?

To Francesca. She is a direct, organized and practical person. She immediately told me that she would like it white. I designed it just for her. Comfortable to use during your daily life, easily rearranged, containing with a clean, essential contemporary line.

Kitchen and wall units all made to measure sky-earth to make the most of the spaces?

Certainly. There is never enough space. However, I preferred to eliminate the wall units that could have been heavy on the sides of the sink and create a wall system that exploits the existing niche and the entire height of the room.

 How does the modern finish of the kitchen match the classic floor?

The modern finishes of the furniture always lighten the weight of a classic floor. And that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. For a number of reasons the floor has not been touched and fortunately for the traces we solved passing to the wall. The modern finish and the total white immediately capture the attention of those who enter. The rest goes into the background.

Did you need special connections for the vertical heating system?

Before in the room there was a traditional radiator next to the French window. Only traces were made in the wall which allowed the pipes to be moved. No special connections. I’d say the game is over and Francesca has a new kitchen to enjoy!