For a client with very clear ideas, Alfredo Vanotti signs Casa G, a linear and rarefied architecture that captures the beauty of the landscape.

An ethereal sculpture of glass and cement that emerges from the vineyards and views of an ancient village, with the enchantment of the Alps as a frame: Casa G, a project by architect Alfredo Vanotti in Castione Andevenno, in the province of Sondrio. The client who approached him had clear ideas: the house of his dreams had to be “clean, simple and relaxing”.

To give shape to that desire it was only possible to start from the landscape, looking for a deep synergy with it and adapting the construction choices to the specifics of the site. For this reason, the structure follows the elongated weave of the land that houses it, with the long side facing the landscape, an expanse of rolling terraced hills in the distance gives way to the soaring profiles of the Bergamo Alps.

More than a house, it is a living terrace that captures the sun every day of the year: this is how Vanotti defines his creation, inspired by modernism and marked by a pure and rarefied minimalism. Few, essential elements are enough to outline a domestic dimension that finds its crowning glory in its contact with nature, leaving aside all that is interference, dissonant and superfluous.

Articulated on a single level, with the main facade entirely in glass that cancels the boundary between inside and outside, the house responds to a principle of rigorous, elegant linearity. The full-height, frameless sliding windows (Sky-Frame), one of which extends for 35 metres, are made specifically to celebrate the beauty of the landscape, which becomes a living and fundamental part of the project.

But another element contributes to giving Casa G its strong contemplative aura: water. A celestial mirror lying at the foot of the building, the incredibly scenic infinity pool designed by Vanotti has the same length as the facade of which it ghermisce the reflection, searching also in the symmetry of the volumes for an amplifier of the harmonic balance to which the house aspires.